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With detailed control over the Arp-direction, you can create melodies with a narrow focus.

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Like the rhythm of one preset, but the sound set from another? No problem! No matter how you save your presets, sequences and sounds can be switched out independently to give you other options to expand your presets further. String passages are crafted fast and impressive. Consequence is not limited to the internal sound library: if you wanna combine with other generators, it is possible to use the MIDI out to trigger hardware or software synths, which opens up a lot of possibilities. The kickdrum is a friendly helper to keep the groove while you are creating sequences, also it can be sent to the compressor explusively to glue the mix together or let the level drop at each quarter note.

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Watch Walkthrough The instruments work with a sampling library which has been created exclusively for Consequence. Sense of "importance" c. Synonyms for consequence aftereffect aftermath effect fallout issue reaction repercussion end event follow-up outgrowth payback sequel sequence spin-off upshot waves bottom line can of worms chain reaction follow through MOST RELEVANT. I have absolutely refused the latter, let what will as I have told her be the consequence. You belong to the profession, and know what would be the consequence if I did so.

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Your child is more likely to repeat the behavior when you use positive consequences. Positive consequences include things like rewards, praise, and attention.

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Use positive consequences as much as possible for behaviors you would like your child to do again. Click here for more information on rewarding, praise, and attention.

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Negative consequences let your child know you do not like what she has done. Your child is less likely to repeat the behavior when you use negative consequences. Negative consequences are also called discipline. Negative consequences include things like ignoring, distraction, loss of a privilege, and time-out.

Behaviour and consequences

Use negative consequences for behaviors you would like your child to stop. Natural consequences, delay or removal of privileges, and time-out can be used to stop misbehavior. More information about these consequences is provided below. Children sometimes throw tantrums, whine, and interrupt just to get your attention. When you take away your attention from your child and these misbehaviors, the behaviors often stop.


When ignoring, do not make eye contact with your child or talk to him. Ignore anything your child does to get your attention. Click here to learn more about when and how to ignore. When you distract your child, you get him to focus on something else. By doing this, he stops the misbehavior. You can use distraction anywhere.