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It's so tight not even a virus can get through, so certainly it won't be bothered by ticks, mosquitoes, or anything larger. The rote was building fast. And there are still ticks, mosquitoes, viruses, and bears no doubt. BB grinned. No doubt at all. I looked at him. What did you mean, not too often? BB swung to the woman. You tell him. The woman opened somewhat wider, and I could feel the attractive radiation diminish, and I knew it was deliberate.

I also was sure she knew I would not attempt any further percept of her, if that was the way she wanted it. At least that hadn't changed either. Women still like to be mysterious. Not too often is about twice a week, more or less. She smoothed, watching my reaction. She got one. All three of us here in human physical on the same day is quite unusual, she went on, enjoying every moment. We did it just to meet you.


I smiled. I appreciate it, believe me. Remember how you used to say. She laughed, then started again. You were always saying we are more than our physical bodies. Now it's the other way around. You, I mean we keep telling the new ones they are more than their energy selves. This was more than I had ever contemplated, but one thing hadn't changed.

One answer led to a hundred other questions. I needed to start at. You want your usual baseline. Well, we are still human beings, or beings being human. I guess? She looked at BB, who simply shrugged. That was unusual. I tried another direction.

On the way in, I didn't see a single house or building, no roads, nothing to show that man was here or ever had been, no cities, factories, aircraft, cars. How come? BB laughed. The woman glowed. I was smoothing getting it together more. I can understand how you can sleep under the trees in weather like this, but how about winter? You still have to keep warm. The Reball takes care of that, she answered. It keeps an air temperature layer all around the physical, just whatever you want it to be. How about food? You have to eat. She held out her arms in front of her body, level with her shoulders, palms upward.

She closed her eyes and stood quietly. After a few moments, she lowered her arms, opened her eyes again. That gives this body enough energy for at least a week. She sighed contentedly. You mean you don't get to taste food anymore, real food? Oh, that. BB got into the act again. He reached down, scooped up a handful of red loam from between the grass roots.

What'll you have? Wild rice? That's my favorite. I watched, fascinated. No, uh. Silver Queen. BB blanked. Silver Queen? What kind of. Here, I'll do it. The woman took the dirt from BB, cupped it in her right hand, and stared at it intently. The dirt began to bubble and boil, changing color, re-formed into a small full-kerneled mature ear of white corn. She handed it to me and I took it. It was hot to the touch. I carefully put it up to my mouth, took a bite. It was Silver Queen, the sweetest corn I ever tasted, with the freshness of just being picked.

It even had melted butter, no, oleo dripping from it. I looked at the woman as I chewed avidly. She smiled knowingly. If she kept leaking percepts, I'd have her ident whether I wanted to or not and she wouldn't have her secret. I handed her the corn, and she bit into it. We both chewed and tasted. I swallowed, wondering where the corn went when I did so. This is the second time a female created a corn from dirt: first time it happened in 3rd Density Earth; second time it did in the 4th Density Earth, LM.

Out-of-Body Experience

What about no roads, no transportation? Suppose we wanted to go to Japan. That's not within walking distance. Why, we just pull a skip, that's all. Short version, of course. Why Japan? I noticed some very unusual patterns of growing things there when we came in. The woman smiled. It's very lovely, isn't it? First stop, Japan. BB turned toward the woods, and the woman followed. We'll be right back. I watched as they disappeared into the grove of oaks. I found I was unable to determine where one began and the other left off. There was no longer a sharp dividing line.

Was it all like this? This would indicate that R. Later he would be taken to the dorm of the School on higher levels of 4th density, LM.

Focus Expanding to the Edges of the Physical Universe | The Monroe Institute

All ready? I turned and there was BB and the woman standing beside me. They seemed different, lighter. We had to drop off the bodies. I suddenly remembered. No tricks, BB. BB rolled. No chance. You and I just play follow-the-leader after her. Nancy is leading them, LM. I focused intently on BB, and stretched. We were hovering over a rolling landscape, at about ten thousand feet. Directly below us was what seemed to be the center of a lotus blossom, the outermost petals in magnificent glowing colors spreading out in all directions for five or six miles.

Beyond these were descending tones of green, from the very light of a fresh new leaf to the rich dark of the lower tropical rain forest. She and BB were beside me. The woman vibrated. This is one of the nicest. I could see why. Who did this? A group who wanted the area to give a percept of the beauty that began here. It was in existence when I came. Now others just take care of it. I got a clean, clear percept. The rest of the world, the earth, is it all like this?

It has been restored to its original ecological balance, the way it was before humans upset it so severely. It's all back together again, every tree, every plant, every animal. Plus a few improvements, BB put in. But it's not all laid out in huge gardens such as this. I focused on the woman. Only a small part, she came back. The rest is made up of forests, woodlands, pastures, and prairies. Even the desert areas haw been restored. My percept had been quite clear.

Humans had taken over Mother Nature's work—with a few improvements. I didn't need to ask the hows of it. The rote of the woman converting dirt into an ear of fresh sweet corn said it all. If a human could do that I had to complete it. I was sure of the answer before I asked. Suppose we wanted to walk around down there. I mean in a physical body.

Robert Monroe's Altered States - Go to Focus 15 and turn left!

I smoothed carefully. How could we do it? I'm sure there are any number of bodies under those beautiful cherry blossoms. I pressed. We each could take over one, just like that? Yes, of course. I had to know. Suppose they all were already occupied. BB couldn't stay out of it. We 'd make some new ones. You want to go down? No, no, not yet anyway. But what about the physical bodies you left under the oak trees? Can just anyone occupy those if they want to? Why not? That took some fast adjustment. Then I pulled out the rote from back when, where others had occupied the physical bodies of our volunteers in the laboratory, communicated verbally, activated other portions of said body, including playing the piano The woman was smoothed at BB.

I don't get the percept he's ready. Sure he is, BB came back. He's a big boy now. It would give him the whole rote in one gulp. Have so much fun it would blow him away! Let's go back to the dorm first, as AA planned, she came back easily. Then maybe go from there. Do I have a choice in this? She rolled. Of course you do.

I smoothed, holding back the vibration. Let's do what she indicates. I've had too much experience with your fun, BB. No offense. Sure, sure. The woman turned to me. I did. Focus Levels. FOCUS The Park on Focus Life in Bands. The Start of this Game. Monroe's Total Self. There is a description of Total Selves moving through the Aperture to join Creative Force complete ones and how Robert Monroe was rejected because of his minute size not complete, without the Gifts compared to the others.

What gifts do you bring, little one? I have only the need to return to the Whole Creative Force where I belong, where there are others like me. There is nothing more. It will be a blending of what you are now with the awareness of Earth human consciousness. It is the total of that experience which is your gift. You will understand why you are incomplete, why you are small. Observe- there is more. When all have been assembled you will come with your gifts. Did one part of you come here first? With us it was different. You act as you do because your diversification is so wide Earth. On our planet, our entire species became aware and made the shift as one winked out.

The Aperture is just ahead. It will open soon. Beside it you can perceive the Emitter for the energy beam that creates what you call M-Field. The energy is very strong, a flaming ball of energy. There is a function I have to perform. The Emitter reminds me, that I need to do something. Education on Astral Level. I recognize a couple of them as the ones who lay on top of me while I slept in your gatehouse when you and Nancy lived there. And those dogs over there, are they the ones that ran away while you lived there?

I remember how you and Nancy were so distressed about losing them. It's like a story right out of Walt Disney. Laurie told me that when you moved from North of New York City when she was young, you took your 22 cats with you to your new home in Richmond, Virginia. She said that two of the cats walked together all the way back to where you lived in New York That is why cats are known to have nine lives. Cats are good 'shape-shifters', and can appear and disappear in various dimensions easily and at will. What do you mean by 'shape-shifters'? If they are treated well on the earth plane, they pretty much stay in the Earth energy form.

They are very independent and if they are abused, their spirits can pull out of their physical bodies even though they still appear to be in them, and come and live more fully in the energy field of this dimension. So they can go in and out of the earth dimension at will. When they are sleeping the many hours on the Earth plane, their spirit bodies are on our plane having a good time.

They even have the ability to disappear from the Earth plane. If they feel that they would rather be over 'here' than 'there', they just shape-shift, and bring all their energies over here. And if the cat's previous owner is over here and their pet is on the Earth and ready to die, that owner can zap their beloved cat over into this dimension, body and all.

It happens more often than you can imagine. When cats disappear, they usually are shape-shifting into their energy body on this side. In fact, some of our cats that are still alive on the New Land, who live with our son Al, come up to be with us often. They appear to be sleeping there, but are up playing in this dimension Don't ever worry about your pets. They'll be here to greet you when you make your transition. They always have the ability to bounce back.

Most are basically happy wherever they are. Without animals, crawling creatures, and plants the Earth would not stay alive. So you are an important part of a team that is helping to reorient humans on Earth to their true spiritual nature and the truth about the afterlife? There is some interesting information about the fact that our pets live with us after their and our 'death' from "Cosmic Journeys" by Rosalind McKnight , p.

They exist on the same energy principle. They are live energy forms; and these little beings are just as alive - even more alive - after they leave the earth plane. When an animal dies, it is attracted by love energy. If it has a close tie to an owner, it will usually be with that person no matter where that person is. I was utterly powerless to move. It was as if I were being held in a vise. That was not an out-of-body experience, but it was the beginning. Although the beam was a one-time thing, the vibrations and the temporary paralysis happened nine more times in the following six weeks.

He had a physician friend examine him for physical or mental abnormalities, but the doctor merely suggested he had been working too hard, which was reassuring, but not helpful. If this phenomenon was not a symptom of something going wrong, what was it? Remember, this was the s.

The concept — the very terminology — of out-of-body travel was unknown to mainstream culture. As he put it in Far Journeys , his early investigations took him. He was on his own. So far as he knew, nobody else had ever experienced what he was going through. But he was stubborn, in his quiet way. As time went on and the experiences persisted, and then deepened, so did his desire to understand what it all meant.

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He said later that it took a full year and 40 trips out-of-body before he accepted the reality of out-of-body experience. You can move through space and time? You can observe, participate in events, make wilful decisions based upon what you perceive and do. You can move through physical matter such as walls, steel plates, concrete, earth, oceans, air, even atomic radiation without effort or effect. You can go into an adjoining room without bothering to open the door. You can visit a friend three thousand miles away. You can explore the moon, the solar system, and the galaxy if these interest you.

But by the time he wrote that he had been doing it for many years. For a long time, all he knew was that he could somehow detach from his physical body, and roam around his bedroom, or around the house or even the neighbourhood.

Dance of the Electric Hummingbird

After a while he found that he could think himself elsewhere, apparently regardless of distance. He made some experiments to verify or disprove what he was perceiving, but, as he wrote, after a while such experiments became oddly boring. By the way, it is a common assumption that out-of-body exploration naturally leads to voyeurism, but this mistakes the nature of the experience, which is less like watching a movie than like vivid imagination. Locale I was physical reality, as we experience it.

He called it the natural home of the second body — the part of ourselves that could journey beyond the physical. That body, he said, was very responsive to Locale II, where apparently thought powers everything. He concluded that those who had once lived in the physical world had created what he experienced as solid matter in Locale II, either automatically because they still thought that way or deliberately for pleasure or comfort.

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Such simulations, he concluded, were also created by higher beings for the benefit of those just emerging from the physical world. As I opened myself to the happenings around me, there was the realization that I was not alone. The surrounding energy easily transformed itself into a somehow familiar male figure. Thank goodness it is on the tape. We talked definitely the wrong word here until it was time to move into Focus I could feel and hear the wave change tones and frequencies. As I acclimated to this emptiness my instinct was to roll or float out of body and try to join the blackness.

Whether I changed my mind or something stopped me I do not know. Instead, this new state was greeted, and I allowed it to come to me. Soon I was surrounded—make that cradled—in and by what felt like the universe itself. There was no bed, no room, no sense of self, just the vast expanse of space and the twinkling of distant tiny stars. I floated through the blackness, merging with it and becoming one with all there was. I felt serenely at peace. Off in the distance I watched a door being formed.

My curiosity got the better of me, and I drifted toward it. There are no words to describe the color. It was not so bright that it could not be looked upon, but so pure in its color that it was either the beginning or the culmination of All. I joined the light and everything changed. There are few ways that I can describe the next experiences and have them make sense. I communicated with friends long dead, with people if that is the right word I never knew. I became one with all who had walked before me.

If I was a drop of water and each of them were drops also, we merged in a limitless pitcher. There we melded together without form or the limitations of the exterior that keeps us all separated. Our essence flowed to and through each other, shared on a level for which there is no point of reference. I knew true and pure joy. I journeyed even farther, deeper into the purity. I heard the voice of Dr. Miller and made a conscious decision to ignore the beacon, the summons if you will. Then I heard a growl and felt a nuzzle.