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Using the dropper or your fingers apply the castor oil to your entire scalp. I usually use about two tablespoons total. It will soak into a few inches of hair, but do not apply it down the length of your hair. This is a scalp treatment, not a whole hair treatment.

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Put your hair up and take a rest. Let it sit for an hour. Take extra care when shampooing to gently scrub your scalp with the pads of your fingers to remove all of the oil. Air dry or style as usual. And voila! You can also put castor oil on your eyebrows, and some people use it on their lashes. You can read more about longer eyelashes without extensions in Part 1 of this Natural Beauty Series. Cheap multivitamins are typically just rice powder and a few other ingredients, but a high-quality vitamin can ensure your body has enough nutrients to support critical systems, and have enough leftover to maintain your hair, skin, and nails.


Opening the bottle and taking the supplement helps. I take the USANA Cellsentials Multivitamin twice per day and between the castor oil treatment and this supplement my hair grows over an inch every four weeks. Aside from helping your hair grow faster, taking a high-quality multi is something you should be doing anyways to fill in nutritional gaps, even if you eat well, so this one is a double win.

I use Amazon for just about everything, but not supplements. Most are counterfeit—people actually buy good ones, keep the good tablets, refill the bottles with cheap counterfeits, and sell them on 3rd party sites like Amazon to unknowing consumers. Only buy high-quality supplements direct from authorized distributors.

We really appreciate your blog post. The information you have given is very interesting and helpful. Miracles Herbs on 30 May Miracles Herbs on 1 May The specials thanks for you about share this great information in this blog. I truly discovered this accommodating. And all the above medications are additionally extremely compelling. Thanks for sharing this information regarding hair fall. I really found this very helpful.

And all the above treatments are also very effective. Thanks for this effective article.

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I really liked the natural way which will work better without damaging my hair. Castor Oil is thick and sticky oil having laxative properties, which can also be used for dry or damaged hair. Maria Vincent on 25 August Thanks, Elizabeth for your great article on castor oil treatment and I really appreciate it.

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I have tried many ways to stop my hair fall but noting showed a good result. Elizabeth Rider on 28 August Maria, let us know how it works out! Margo Ronayne on 2 May Thank you for the castor oil tip. YVR on 5 April Thank you so much. Thank you for the Castor tip and dropper tip. Elizabeth Rider on 5 April Hi Mimi! Glad you liked it and glad to have you in our online community! Let us know how it works for you. Toni Michalek on 5 April I would like to order.

Together, those two products make up the multi.

If you click the link about that says Buy Cellsentials it will take you right there. Berlinda on 5 April I was even looking for wigs to cover my short, dry, damaged hair. But, this morning I read this post. It will take a few months but you will notice a difference.

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