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Even if they do misapply some sections such as an issue to which I respond in Appearing to Fall , they are nevertheless right on this matter: Great and precious promises were given to Adventism while it followed the course and principles of the Reformation. The Scripture is clear enough that if a once-faithful Church organization turns to idols and considers human organizations its defender, it is divorced from Yahweh.

Deu Uzza touched a holy Ark with an unconsecrated human hand, and he was destroyed for this mingling of the sacred with the profane. Adventists call Christians true and faithful believers out from the Catholic fellowship, because they were and still are joined to Roman ideas, practices, and what became of its political institutions.

Adventists call Christians out from once-Protestant churches because they have not renounced such Roman ideas and practices as Sundaykeeping, and such Greek ideas as the immortality of the soul. In this regard, their work is of Heaven, for they call people forth from formerly faithful fellowships that became corrupted when they joined to the world in doctrine and practices. But hypocrisy quickly follows, for they next introduce them to that form of apostate, corporate Adventism which has followed the same dark path!

The early chapters of the Book of Jeremiah gives us a pattern for these last days. The setting is this: Judah had seen northern Israel lapse into idolatry and unbelief. When Jeroboam the king set up golden calves to replace the Feast of Tabernacles so that his people would not have to go down to their rival kingdom in Judah, this began a sure decline into total apostasy.

As a result of their idolatry, all of northern Israel collapsed spiritually, and when the Assyrians were raised up to attack them, they were unable to trust in Yahweh. As a result, they turned to the world to Syria , and in this church state union committed an irreversible divorce from the Almighty. Isaiah As a result of this union, the combined forces of Samaria the capital of northern Israel and Syria were directed ultimately against those who remained faithful in Judah to the south. Now, Israel was utterly destroyed for its union with Syria 2Kings Judah, however, did not go so far as to make war with other nations in its union with the earthly power, it had merely appealed to Assyria for help, and therefore its divorce and remarriage was never fully consummated.

As a result its subsequent punishment exile to Babylon was not permanent.

And I will cast you out of my sight, as I have cast out all your brethren, even the whole seed of Ephraim. But this time, when Savoeun disappeared, the community sprang into action because they knew how to respond. And this time, it worked. Now safely back home in Leuk Daek, the community surrounded Savoeun.

She was treated at the hospital for what appeared to be drug-induced memory loss. She spent many days in hiding, but eventually became well enough to work again. Savoeun, now 17, is working as a waitress in a province in northeast Cambodia. She is concerned for her younger sister, Srey Keo, who is I tell her not to travel to a faraway place or she could be trafficked. And the people of Leuk Daek are standing by to help. The criminals who exploit children roam the world like the predators they truly are, looking to prey upon the vulnerable.

They use lies, threats, coercion, and violence to force children into sexual and other kinds of exploitation. This is an evil business of supply and demand. Dear Lord, Your Word is filled with accounts of miraculous protection. We claim that power for vulnerable children.

Make Your little ones invisible to people who seek to exploit them. Whisper in the ears of the children to run and hide until the danger passes. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Worldwide, million children are involved in child labor. Of these, Ask God to keep children from harm as they struggle under heavy loads and work with unsafe tools and harsh chemicals.

Lord, we know You love Your children, and we pray that when they must work, that You would protect their growing bodies. Please keep them safe and free of injuries and toxins. Deliver them from oppressive bosses and hazardous conditions. Make it possible from children at risk to stay in school.

Child exploitation means using a child for profit, labor, sexual gratification, or for some other personal or financial advantage. At the heart of child exploitation are complex issues, including extreme poverty that can lead parents to sell their children. But many are held as virtual slaves. Throughout the world, sin leads people to put their evil desires above all else, ignoring how they destroy the lives of innocent children. Dear Lord, Your Word calls us to hunger and thirst for righteousness — a righteousness that leads to compassion for the poor and a renewing of minds.

Lead us to this kind of faith that works to make a better world for all Your children. Lord, You are our provider, and we know all good things come from Your hand. Let laws and cultural practices protect children from a childhood of abuse and suffering. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Nearly 25 million people worldwide are being trafficked for the sex trade, forced labor, and other illegal purposes.

Jesus himself is the primary sacrament. So the believing Christian's use of Jesus' name is sacramental.

12 Simple, Yet Powerful Prayers for Your Church

The very act of praying "Jesus" effects what it signifies, brings about what the name "Jesus" signifies, which is "Savior", or "God saves". That is the literal meaning, in Hebrew, of the name God commanded Joseph to give to Mary's son: "You shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins" Mt A name is not a machine , for a person is not a machine. The name of a person must be personally "involved" that is, called upon in faith and hope and love, as a human father is "invoked" by his son in Jesus' parable in Matthew 7.

But though it is not a machine, it really "works": when a son calls to his father, "Dad! Suppose we were to ask the father. His answer would be obvious: "Because that's my son! No stranger can call a human being "Dad", and no stranger can be sure that a man will come if he calls him only by his "proper name", for example, "Mr. But Mr. Smith's son can be sure his dad will come because his son can invoke him under the name "Dad", as no one else can.

Jesus has made it possible for us to do the same with God.

Daily Prayer (Extended Version)

In fact, the name he taught us to call God is "Abba", which is the Hebrew word, not just for "Father", but for "Dad", or "Daddy", or even "Dada". It is the word of ultimate intimacy. You may think the claim that invoking his name actually brings about his presence is an arrogant one. But in fact it is a humble one, because it is obeying his design, not initiating our own.

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  • Or you may think, "What right do we have to think he will come whenever we call? Is he a dog? What it is: Sacred The fact that this holy name of Jesus actually brings about the presence of God explains why God gave us, as the second of all his commandments, "You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain" Ex You can pronounce any other name, like "Ivan" or "Mary" or "Hey, You" without claiming to be the person who bears that name; there is only one name that you cannot say in the second person you or the third person he or she , and that is "I".

    Thus no Jew ever dared to pronounce that holy name, or even guess how the vowels were supposed to be pronounced, because it could be truly spoken only by God himself.

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    That is why the Jews tried to execute Jesus for blasphemy when he pronounced it in his own name Jn And that is also why Jesus commanded us to pray to the Father, as the very first petition of the model prayer he taught which we call the Lord's Prayer, or the Our Father "Hallowed be thy name" Mt For we actually bring about and fulfill what we pray for when we call on the holy name of Jesus. We bring his presence and his mercy down from Heaven to earth, so to speak.

    Thus it is blasphemy to treat this holy name like any other name, because it has a holy power unlike any other power. Its practice I will tell you a little bit from my own experience about what I think will happen when you use this prayer. For I have tried many other, more complex, and more abstract ways to pray, and I have found them all less effective than this most childlike of all ways. Perhaps the most shattering consequence of his real presence, which is brought about by invoking his name, is that we become unable to lie to ourselves any more.

    He is light, and wherever he inserts his lordship there is now an absolute necessity of honesty and a zero tolerance for any form of self-deception, self-congratulation, or self gratification, even those forms that felt necessary, natural, and almost innocent before. He is gentle, but he is light, and he simply does not and will not coexist with any darkness at all; either he casts it out, or it keeps him out. This is the negative dimension of the fact that he is light.

    He subtracts our falsehoods. But he also adds his truth. The positive dimension is essentially a clarification of vision, of perspective, of "the big picture". He does not usually give specific directions or instant solutions, but he always gives a clarification of our vision. This usually happens gradually. Thus there is a positive side to even the negative point made above.

    For instance, he makes us men see how flawed and mixed our motives are even in such natural and spontaneous things as a look into the face of a beautiful woman. Half of all the women in the world are beautiful to men, nearly all are beautiful when they smile, and all are beautiful all the time to God. We find that there is something in this look that is his, and also something that is not from him but is from the world, the flesh, or the Enemy. And yet this insight does not bring about a guilty despair but a happy humility.

    For it is a sign of his presence. He is the standard. When the plumb line is present, apparently straight lines show their inclination. And this is, of course, upsetting how easily our lines incline! As John Wesley said, "The best thing is, God is with us. And when his light and our darkness, his straight and our crooked, are thus brought into relationship and warfare, we gain rather than lose, even if it is upsetting. It is like bringing in the Roto-Rooter man: the garbage becomes visible, but it also becomes removable. Before his light came in, our sin was just as much present but undetected.

    Matthew 25: Protecting children through prayer

    But he was not just as much present. So that is a gain. Furthermore, he is stronger than sin; he exorcises sin more than sin exorcises him. All we have to do is to give him a chance. Open the blinds, and light casts out darkness every time. This new sense of vision or perspective that invoking his name brings about is most sharply perceived when we invoke his name upon our problems and complaints.

    The wordless message I seem to get most frequently is something like this: "There are things that are infinitely more important for you than these little problems. They are all little compared to me. So get on with it. You don't have much more time. He is a no-nonsense God. Perhaps the most definite and ubiquitous sign of his real presence, and the clearest difference between the times when I invoke his name and the times when I do not, is the state of quiet, calm alertness that he brings.

    Usually, I am either calm or alert, not both. When I am calm, I am relaxed and ready for sleep; when I am alert, I am worried or agitated and ready for problems. His peace, however, is not sleepiness, and his alertness is not anxiety. His presence manifests itself, not in fire or wind or thunder, but in a still, small voice. Only in this quietness does he give us the certainty of his presence.

    We usually cannot hear this because we are making so much inner noise, especially when we are agitated. But this is when he wants most to come, for he goes where the need is. And what happens when we invoke him during our agitation? He answers! But not by magic or spectacle. Nothing spectacular happens when I invoke the holy name at times when I am reacting to my problems by the "fight-or-flight response" that is so natural to our animal nature that is, either by the "fight" of inner rage and resentment or by the "flight" of self-pity and fantasizing.

    At such times, when I pray his name, I do not suddenly feel holy or happy, but I do suddenly feel The word from the Word is often something like "Grow up! What had looked big on my beach looks tiny in his waves. We do not always get specific answers, even when we invoke his name; but we always get the Answerer. It is better to have his authority for "no answer" than our authority for ours.

    Book of Prayers

    When I am in the middle of some garbage, he gives me no answer to my questions " Why did you put me here? That is his answer: himself. The real question is: " Who's there? We always start our sentences with "I".