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It means maintaining firm control of your words and actions. Recognize your limits. Remember that if someone angers you, it's much more effective to respond in a smart way than a belligerent way. The words woman and classy should remain synonymous. You stand on your own feet. In the old world, the man was the breadwinner and the woman was the homemaker.

There are many women who still depend on their spouses for financial support today. And while I don't condemn this lifestyle, I find it worrisome not to have a financial backup plan. A sexy woman has her own fiscal security. Her partner may earn more than she does, but she is prepared for the worst if it were ever to happen. A woman prides herself on knowing that if she ever found herself on her own, she would suffice.

You don't throw yourself at anyone. Wondrously caring and infinitely loving is the sexy woman. But she is also proud and acknowledges her vast self-worth. For this reason, she doesn't throw herself at anyone who doesn't reasonably reciprocate her efforts. The sexiest women I know know when to call and when to refrain from calling, be it with stubborn friends or a lover that plays hard to get.

They do take no for an answer and don't seek without shame. Their esteem is not affected by the approval or attention of anyone. You portray the right image.

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I cannot count the number of women I've encountered on my beloved Instagram who show more skin than patrons of a nude beach. If I could ask these overly eager ladies one question it would be, "Do you want to be taken seriously or do you seriously just want to show off? A woman is not desperate for attention, and especially not the wrong kind.

Mind you, this is coming from someone you was the cover of Playboy Romania.

Here are 22 quotes to empower girls to be the best version of themselves.

But I have paid my dues to society and suffered the consequences for portraying the wrong image. We evolve, we grow, and we learn. And the sexy woman, she has learned to show just the right amount of skin while showing much more intellect. You don't compete or belittle. A woman who degrades another woman is merely a little girl in grownup clothes.

Women don't hate other women. They support them. If they don't agree with something, they criticize constructively and show the right way. But they don't call other women names simply for the fun of it. Even if another woman has done something wrong, retaliating with insults is uncalled for.

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Sit pretty like a lady and let the universe return its karmic rounds. You nurture. Even in our modern world, we remain the gentle, caring gender. A woman does not wall up her abundance of empathy because she's scared to look weak; a real woman allows her compassionate instincts to flow freely for all those around her. It is okay to care, to nurture others and nourish their spirits.

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This doesn't make you any less of a powerful female. The next time your partner's had a rough day, embrace them. When your friend is feeling low, bring over something special to console them. If your parents are struggling, offer to help in whatever way you can. To be conscious of and careful with others is captivating in every way. You display wisdom. There is nothing sexier than a wise woman.

Our wisdom is inherent, and we can cultivate out intellect. This is especially true in romantic relationships. And when there is intimidation in a relationship, there is a clear imbalance. And when there is an imbalance, it can be a cause for dysfunction. Strong and intelligent women are going to be some of the most independent people you are ever going to meet in this life. They are never afraid of just speaking their mind and going after what they want. The smartest women in the world are always busy. They are always working on something.

They are always finding to channel their energy into. They like to focus on their professional lives.

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They like to forge strong bonds and connections with other people but not necessarily in a romantic sense. They like to expose themselves to as many different experiences, perspectives, and cultures as possible. The subjects worked with clinical psychologists who determined that nearly half of the group 42 percent experienced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The study concluded that the more self-compassionate veterans were, the less severe their PTSD symptoms were. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that simply appearing more confident makes people believe you deserve more respect and admiration, possibly helping you reach higher social status. Another study published in Plos One found that when people are overconfident, others overrate them as smarter and more skilled. Research shows self-compassion is an effective motivator in this way.

Self-compassionate people are better at owning up to their mistakes.

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Juliana Breines and Serena Chen of the University of California at Berkeley conducted a series of experiments to measure the effect of self-compassion on personal growth. From there, subjects were assigned to a group: self-compassion, self-esteem control or positive distraction control. The self-esteem group was instructed to write about their own positive qualities, and the positive distraction group was asked to write about a hobby they enjoyed. According to the study, those who practiced self-compassion were more motivated to admit and apologize for their mistake than people in the self-esteem group or positive distraction group.

The self-compassion group was also more committed to not repeating their mistakes. Neff and her colleague, Tasha Beretvas at the University of Texas at Austin, have found that people rate self-compassionate partners as more caring and supportive than self-critical ones. Pulling your shoulders back is easy.

Learning to be kind to yourself takes considerably more effort. You beat yourself up for every perceived mistake.