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Virtual reality marketing, voice-controlled travel booking, and the growing ambitions of brands such as Google and Facebook all look set…. Based on actual hands-on guest research and feedback, Marriott International, Inc. Today marks the launch…. What should you be getting from your hotel booking engine provider?

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Unless you specialize in distribution, most of us…. Feb 8. Many hotels struggle to achieve a perfect sell-out — and often avoid overbooking to evade the ire of the front desk. What affects how quickly your website loads? Clogged hair not only blocks your razor from getting at other hairs, it also causes repeated friction and pressure, effectively dulling your blade.

Using hot water at a higher pressure, run water through the blades from the back.

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If hairs are still stuck, angle the blade 45 degrees to get into those harder to clear spots. With all of the rinsing, water is a fundamental part of keeping your blades sharp. However, after shaving water can be detrimental. Water rusts steel and initiates lockjaw on razor's pivot points. As soon as you finish rinsing the blade for the final time, dry your blade on using a towel with the grain, so as not to cut yourself. If you have it on hand, reach for a hair dryer to speed the process up and remove any remaining hairs.

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Keep your blade safe while in the most humid room in the house. Try keeping it in a ziplock back or inside a drawer for an extra layer of protection from the moisture. All razors have a termination date regardless of care. When going with the grain, it should glide.

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  • Ever wonder why you keep getting razor bumps and razor burns after you shave? Are you regularly getting painful nicks or coming away from your shave with skin that's not that smooth? Are ingrown hairs the bane of your existence?

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    A properly cared for razor with a sharp edge can go a long way towards a smooth, pain-free shave! While there are a number of ways to prolong the life of your razor, like everything in this world it can't live forever. Knowing when it's the right time to say goodbye to your razor is key. Angel razors come as the high-quality Affinity3 with 4 disposable razors.

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